Plastic scrap is easy to separate and is especially suited to reuse. So we are more careful of our surroundings and our environment is less polluted.

As a company you are legally obliged to collect all your plastic scrap separately and to offer it for recycling. The goal of the Dutch government is to recycle 42% of all plastic packaging scrap by the end of 2014.

We can advise you and offer you a wide range of systems for collecting and processing your specific plastic scrap as efficiently as possible.
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Containers: We have containers available with capacity of 20 to 50 m3.

Collection boxes: m3 boxes for plastic scrap

Plasticollect systeem: The Plasticollect sack system has been specially developed for small and medium-sized companies. We provided, sacks, metal standard en transport.





Complete packages are offered to the packaging industry with containers and transport. For example, we process juice pouches, crates, bottles with deposits, disposable bottles, tops and film.

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